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Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract has been given Dr. OZ’s stamp of approval12 as an effective and safe way to shed pounds and drop pant sizes.  Xtreme Green Coffee contains the only green coffee bean extract that’s been proven in clinical studies to help individuals lose overall body fat – 16% to be exact (see study here), without adjusting diet or excercise.  So you can feel confident knowing it will produce the weight loss results you’ve been longing for.  Xtreme Green Coffee is the real deal, having no artificial flavors or preservatives or fillers; and contains pure green coffee bean that comes from the Svetol® extract, one of the extracts that Dr. Oz and others have recently recommended and that has been proven to help millions lose weight. 


Xtreme Green Coffee was formulated for maximum weight loss, taking the power of Green Coffee Bean to a whole new level with a proprietary formula that helps you shed pounds FAST.

  • Contains the highest concentration of 50% Chlorogenic Acid
  • Purest and highest quality 100% Svetol Green Coffee Bean extract available
  • Quick absorption and effective utilization of fat-burning ingredients
  • Inhibits the release of glucose into the bloodstream*
  • Promotes the burning of fat*
  • Increases metabolism*
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels*
  • Suppresses appetite*
  • Enhances optimal liver function*
  • Hinders the absorption of dietary fat*
  • Inhibits the uptake of sugar*
  • Contains additional nutrients to support overall health
  • No jitters or negative side effects
  • A free nutrition consultation
  • Free weight loss support

Green Coffee Bean Extract For Weight Loss

Green coffee bean is a safe and effective way to lose weight, but along with that comes a caveat – you must choose the right supplement in order to get the results you want. With so many green coffee bean supplements on the market today, it’s more important than ever that you choose one that’s the real thing – one that contains the same extract used in the proven clinical studies that has the highest concentration of chlorogenic allowed and provides the recommended dosage for maximum weight loss, which is 1200 mg.  Xtreme Green Coffee has all of these things and what’s more, it’s been proven to help individuals just like you lose weight at a quicker rate than they thought possible.  You can feel confident knowing Xtreme Green Coffee meets all of the criteria that Dr. Oz recommends, ensuring that you have every advantage to lose the weight you want and finally obtain the slim figure you’ve always wanted.

Svetol versus Regular Coffee Bean Extract

The kind of extract used in a green coffee bean supplement makes all the difference when you’re trying to lose weight.  Dr. Oz advised his viewers to make sure they choose a supplement that comes from GCA or Svetol extract, which is the extract used in Xtreme Green Coffee.  So what is the difference between Svetol and other green coffee bean extracts?

  • Svetol comes from Robusta green coffee beans, the same beans used in the renowned clinical study as well as Dr. Oz’s own weight loss study where participants lost an average of two pounds per week.  Other supplements come from Arabica green coffee beans.
  • Svetol contains the highest percentage of chlorogenic acid, which is 50% and is standardized with a unique composition of 5-caffeoylquinic acids to total chlorogenic acids (0.2-0.3).  The chlorogenic acid in Svetol prevents the liver's release of glucose into the blood stream so that the body has no other choice but to metabolize stored fat into glucose.  Many supplements have less than 50% chlorogenic acid, with some even being as low as 10%,
  • Svetol green coffee bean extract does not have any added filler ingredients.  It is 100% pure coffee bean extract and nothing else.  Many other green coffee bean supplements have added other ingredients to their formula.  Although these ingredients may be effective on their own, they actually dilute the effectiveness of green coffee bean when combined with the extract.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can I expect to lose on Xtreme Green Coffee?

That’s really up to you. While many people have lost weight taking Xtreme Green Coffee without changing their lifestyle, exercising and eating healthy will enhance your weight loss results significantly.  Depending on the individual, weigh loss may happen more quickly if you’re exercising and eating healthy foods while taking Xtreme Green Coffee.   

 Are there any negative side effects associated with taking Xtreme Green Coffee?

Although every person is different, Svetol Green Coffee Bean extract has been found to produce very minimal, if any side effects.  In fact, most people report just the opposite, experiencing positive effects like an increase in energy, sharper mental focus and more endurance during their workouts.

Should I follow a specific eating plan while taking Xtreme Green Coffee?

Although there is no specific meal plan to follow, we recommend eating smaller and more frequent meals throughout the day in order to o maximize the Xtreme Green Coffee’s fat burning and metabolism boosting capabilities.  As with most diet plans, eating less and exercising more is always beneficial when you’re trying to lose weight.

When is the best time to take Xtreme Green Coffee and do I have to take two capsules at once?

We recommend taking two capsules first thing in the morning at least 20 minutes before eating breakfast and 30 minutes before working out; you may also take 1 capsule in the morning and another at lunchtime.

How many products actually contain the Svetol or GCA Green Coffee Bean extract?

Very few.  We are one of the relatatively few companies who have secured a supply of the Svetol extract which is in high demand and is currently the only clinically tested and proven green coffee bean extract available. 

What does “standardized to 50%” mean?

This means Xtreme Green Coffee has the highest concentration of Svetol Green Coffee Bean extract currently allowed per the FDA guidelines.  Other products will contain significantly less than this, with some even containing a concentration of 10%, which will produce very minimal, if any weight loss results.

Doctor Endorsed

"I recommend Xtreme Green Coffee because the benefits of GCE are grounded in the latest research and will help you to reach your health goals today and beyond. I recommend this supplement to anyone who wishes to lose weight."


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